I was very surprised to see Alex McLeish re-appointed as Scotland boss. I only spoke about it recently when we were talking about the targets they were going for.

They were young, energetic and full of ideas but I think they've chosen someone who is tried and tested, so to speak, and shows that there wasn't too many others going for the job, without offence to McLeish.

It seemed their main targets were being ticked off because they either wanted to stay in their job or didn't want to be interviewed, which is reportedly what Walter Smith wanted.

I think they've given him the job until a target comes along. This could be a vicious circle however, because if they give him the job and they don't succeed, then in 18 months no-one is going to want the job anyway.

If someone was young, enthusiastic and pinning their future hopes on this job then I think the Scottish FA would have given it to them.

It shows the lack of managers out there willing to take the job. We spoke before about Michael O'Neill and he would have been a fantastic appointment as he's on the up.

That would have been an inspiring managerial appointment, rather than Alex McLeish who while he's been there before does feel like he's a stop gap.

However, expectations are so low that anything above normal will be considered a success. He might get a few good results and change things up and people might think he's done a good job.

If he does, they might think about him keeping the job – I wish him well.