I like many others have watched events at Liverpool Crown Court surrounding Barry Bennell last week. As I came through the youth ranks at Stoke City, I encountered Bennell i.e. I was aware of him although I'd never been in his presence.

You hear the rumours a few years later but at the time, you're oblivious to it as you're just young. It's a terrible thing to hear about – how many people have come forward to talk about it? He's ruined lives but it's good that people have come forward to speak.

The clubs that have been named in the scandal – particularly Manchester City and Crewe – can't try to brush this under the carpet. The right safeguarding has to be in place for girls and boys. We all go on these courses for safeguarding and they give us all these scenarios and ask us what we would do.

Would we report this if this happened, etc. Some of the things you hear brings tears to your eyes, and the things people have done and you hear about it, it's terrible – it really is terrible.

Thankfully, I have no first hand experience of people I know or myself who went through this process. I really do feel for them and their families.