Councillors say a new town crier role would "be an honour".

Oswestry Town Council met last week discuss the future of a town crier, and voted that applications should be opened to the public in the coming weeks.

The role would be voluntary, with the council supplying the uniform and offering a small honorarium during the crier's first year.

The post of Oswestry Town Crier is initially for one year, and the applicant must be clean, smart and sober, as well as being polite and jovial.

But a big voice is not all that is asked for – as the council ask that the applicant has a good local knowledge, with an understanding of the town and its history.

Councillor Chris Schofield said: "It would be an honour to be a crier in this town," with Cllr Paul Milner adding: "It would be good for the town and it will promote Oswestry."

The town crier will attend all Oswestry civic events, such as Oswestry Food Festival and Christmas Live, but will also be able to perform commercial cries for local events.

The council is expected to begin advertising in the next couple of weeks.