An Oswestry town councillor has described the implementation of electric car charging points in the town as "premature'".

Councillors met at the Town Centres, Markets and Services Committee where they discussed the possibility of introducing car charging bays into the council's Central car park.

The idea was first bought to the table by Cllr Paul Milner, and the members were set to discuss whether to be a provider of the points or a host for an outside company to provide them.

However Cllr Sandy Best felt that the idea was "too premature".

"I think there needs to be more usage before we consider the idea," said Cllr Best.

"I'm bothered by having a 20-year commitment to a company or organisation and I worry about the costs - the council could be working at a loss down the line.

"The options need to be thoroughly discussed."

Fellow councillors disagreed with Cllr Best, declaring the idea "not as complex as Cllr Best is making out" according to Cllr Chris Schofield.

"Every garage will be installing these charging bays soon," continued Cllr Schofield.

"I wouldn't agree for the council not to charge for the bays, however.

"It will give people the opportunity to come to town to charge cars and bring footfall for the shops in the centre."

Cllr Mike Isherwood said: "I don't want the council to be left behind on this matter.

"I think these charging bays will be especially beneficial in rural areas, and Oswestry is uniquely positioned that we have these car parks to offer."

The councillors decided that they needed officers to put more information together regarding the future of the charging bays, but voted to take the decision forward with Cllr Best abstaining from the vote.