Talks on the new TV deal have suggested there will be a winter break. When it comes to Christmas, managers complain about the games they play over the festive period, something like four games over eight days.

It's mainly for the fans but at the end of the day, do fans not want to see attractive football?Teams are decimated through injury and illness through being overplayed so I think a winter break has to be trialled at some point.

Even if it's to give English players the best possible chance of winning a summer tournament, we need a winter break. The fans might need it too.

We can still play over Christmas but have the break towards the end of January. It's a miserable month, the weather is rubbish and you don't fans travelling up and down the country in those conditions.

Give the players a two week break; they can go away and come back refreshed, then maybe come May and June, where they're not over-trained and had some down time, they could be fresher.

Even in our standard we had a week or so off last year, where we gave the lads six days off, they came back very fresh and were able to go again.