Students from Derwen College were making waves for Dignity Action Day recently.

The Derwen On Tour (DOT) group from the Gobowen college visited Morris Care Centre in Wellington to perform a Mexican wave and a signed Makaton song and dance routine for the residents.

The show was greatly received and the students enjoyed performing and chatting with the residents after the performance.

Lydia Tyanase, clinical services manager, said: “We were absolutely delighted when DOT approached us.

"Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the performance and we look forward to welcoming the students back again.”

Dignity Action Day, on February 1, promotes people’s rights to dignity within all care services.

The college also celebrated Dignity Action Day in other ways; customers to Derwen College’s Garden Café had the chance to put the ‘tea’ in dignity by enjoying a free cup of tea for every visitor, while the college created its own Dignity Tree where staff and students were encouraged to write their thoughts and views on what dignity means on coloured leaves which were then used to decorate the tree.