The Football Association has announced it will implement its own version of the ‘Rooney Rule’ – requiring black and minority ethnic (BAME) coaches to be given an interview – when they replaced Gareth Southgate.

We’ve spoken about the ‘Rooney Rule’ before. For me, I don’t see colours, race or creed; it’s someone’s good enough to be the manager, the coach or the assistant, then it’s going nothing to do with race or religion.

We’re in 2018 and we live in such a diverse culture. Let’s get on with things and not be stuck in the Dark Ages. People of all colour should be given a go.

I haven’t read into the ‘Rooney Rule’ too much and how it works – I’m not up on it, I should say.

For me, it’s the best candidate. But I’ve seen the numbers and they don’t make for good reading – only 22 of the 482 coaching roles across all four divisions are filled by BAME professionals.

That is not a good stat so maybe something has to be done to give those BAME professionals a chance.

I’ve heard the likes of John Barnes saying he hasn’t been given a chance, but maybe he hasn’t done enough coaching. yes, he was a brilliant footballer but has he got the right grounding to become that coach?

It’s the same with Paul Ince – another great player but with some high-level management experience too. But for whatever reason, he hasn’t sustained it. They’re just a few examples of what’s needed.

It shows more black managers need to be involved in the game as the stats don’t make for good reading but still, for me, it should have nothing to do with your background.

Everyone has different strengths to bring to the game at our level, the national game etc. It’s exactly the same as players; you can have someone from China in your club so why can’t it be the same as managers?

It’s ridiculous we’re having to do this but I can understand where it’s coming from.

Video Assistant Referees were introduced to English football last week and it seems to have gone off without a hitch.

But I was listening to the radio this week and a point was made for fans in the stadium. They will see the ref’s hand in the air and a finger to the ear and won’t be sure what’s going on.

So for the actual supporter in the stadium, it might be a bit strange but for the viewer at home who’s seen the incident and know the ref has taken it back and made the right decision, it’s got to be good for the game.

They’re not going to use it all the time and I think it was Graham Poll, the former ref, who said out of five incidents they went to VAR with, two didn’t need to be looked. But it might be the case of let’s get four or five in because if you don’t use it, you’re not going to be sure how it works.

It’s a trial event and so far it’s been more than likely 85 per cent positive. We’ve got the technology for the ball crossing the line now with the buzzer on the wrist.

The ref can’t see the four or five replays we get so this is a positive move going forward. Some decisions can cost managers their jobs or some clubs going into the Champions League.

VAR has been on the horizon for several years now and it’s finally making the change. Anything that helps is a good move in my view.

I think the way of the VAR basing it on not being able to change the ref’s on-field decision is best. Then you’re not taking the game well over the 90 minutes. If the ref has made a mistake, someone can tell them and we can get on with the game.

It could be the ref says ‘do I need to use it’? If so, then someone takes 20 seconds to say yes you did and bring it back to make the decision.

It’s a very interesting time at Arsenal at the minute, with some potential high-profile departures imminent at the club.

There’s unrest and some fans are calling for Arsene Wenger to go even though he’s done so much for the club. Was it a season too far? maybe, even though he’s been brilliant for them.

I think a change is needed. Wenger has been brilliant with all the games in charge and his way of football but things are changing.

He’s got a big squad there but does he know his best team? The likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mezu Ozil rule the roost there and they’ll decide when they’re going; it won’t be Arsenal’s decision.

That’s two of their best from their starting line-up. Are they going to replace them where they are? They may not.

They’ve used a lot of their money up on the stadium and while I know they were waiting a few years to go big with signings, they might have left it too late.

The likes of Danny Welbeck, who isn’t playing too much through injury, might want to move on in January while the likes of Theo Walcott are up for moves.

Manchester City are a club going in a different direction signing the best players and play them all the time. Arsenal chop and change and Wenger doesn’t know his best XI.

Arsenal possibly need a new direction. When they’re on their day in the Premier League, they’re one of the best around.

They need work doing on their defence – everyone including the fans can see it. They need a new direction – they’re always going to be good going forward because of the players they buy.

Wenger has one of the best centre-backs on the bench next to him. Why isn’t he using him? Tony Adams has said he would come in and help.

The next person needs to come in and tidy things up.