What a scandal that Shrewsbury - along with the rest of the UK - is included in the 55,000 operations cancelled this month.

Very little is being done - bar profuse apologies - which hardly helps if you’ve just lost your appointment. And do you get angry over the even bigger scandal of ambulances waiting an hour or more outside the very hospitals that can save life? The local Trust’s record shows it has consistently not met the national target for treating 95 per cent of patients, once inside, within four hours.

It’s barely third world stuff - but is worryingly shocking. And do you share my concern that no-one, but no-one, has yet clicked the UK population has exploded in the last decade while hospital facilities have not - and like our A&E units, are actively being cut.

It’s blindly obvious you cannot cover a continually growing half a million patients with less and less facilities.

It’s shameful, yet - in the light of all that - Shropshire’s still pressing ahead with cutting one of the miserably small two A&E centres left to cover the entire county!

Would you believe, despite the above, I hate moaning - as I have had to do for the past year - over our crazy and dangerous Maesbury Road junction and barmy Mile End roundabout.

Well Reflections’ prayers for action, are being answered with a big promise of change to stem the wanton waste of life.

Thank goodness sense is prevailing with traffic lights, filter roads, road widening and alteration to the Weston Road junction - but a worry remains that this junction is blocked nightly as traffic backs-up from the Mile End roundabout.

It’s scandalous this confusing roundabout, facing yet another rethink, is so overdue.

Highways England have left a solution for far too long. Now, with these two bad boys sorted, let us be compensated with a hat-trick of solutions - by sorting our equally crazy Middleton Road junction.

Ladies, do you fancy starting 2018 on the right note?

Oswestry Ladies Choir is just kicking off its new term rehearsing for their April concert, which hopes to cover ‘music from all around the world’.

They rehearse at Gobowen Church Hall on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm and are looking for more altos and sopranos. You can check them out onoswestryladieschoir.com

And what wonderful news if you’re job hunting, under the title ‘We’re hiring, join our team’ - Newgate Clocks off Maesbury Road is doing so well it has loads of jobs on offer.

In what it terms ‘exciting times’, there’s vacancies in customer services, sales, marketing, graphic design, accounts, merchandising, supply chain, office admin and even for the role of personal assistant.

It proved nail-biting watching last week’s cabinet reshuffle, to confirm Transport Secretary Chris Grayling keeps his post along with Boris’s brother Jo Johnson as his Transport ‘Minister’.

Talks between Chris Grayling and Oswestry MP Owen Paterson - on dualling the A5 and finalising a cross border bypass for Pant and Llanymynech - have reached a fascinating stage - but had he been shifted to another role it could have meant starting all over again.