Leading Brexiteer Oswestry area MP Owen Paterson, pulls few punches when he suspects Britain’s being taken for a ride.

In what are becoming almost as popular as Trump tweets, his latest blast last week stressed Britain MUST ‘walk away’ - even as soon as March - if there’s no sign of striking a deal by this spring!

The MP sits on the board of ‘Leave Means Leave’ and reveals he has told the PM we’ve made enough concessions - and she must not be taken in by ‘Remoaner double talk’.

His outburst came when Mrs May said the new year would give Britons a ‘renewed confidence and pride’ in Brexit. Which prompted his Owen Paterson’s last word: ‘It has been clear from the outset that a reciprocal free-trade agreement with zero tariffs, is in ALL our best interests.’ Wow, we’re promised a ‘fun’ first quarter this year!

As mentioned briefly last week, upgrade work begins at Shrewsbury Railway Station any day soon.

Network Rail’s going to replace the last of the old canopies and refurbish the Dana footbridge.

But it’s so sad that the wooden canopies at Gobowen Station, that are rotting into extinction, are being ignored again! Just once or twice can we have a slice of the investments?

Holyhead, just a 90-minute drive from Oswestry, is to boast the world’s biggest cruise ferry by 2020.

A German company Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesselschaft is to build it for Irish Ferries - at the stunning cost of £146.3 million. It will replace trusty MV Ulysses and carry up to 1,800 passengers on the popular Dublin route.

I wonder if they realise we’ll have left the EU by then - but probably they craftily do!

Staying with Wales, what’s the possibility we can persuade McDonalds to think ‘local’ and create a Welsh lamb burger?

The fast food chain already sells Jamaican chicken burgers, Tzatziki wraps in Croatia, McShrimp Burger in South Korea and chilli cheese bites in Sweden - so why not a suggested ‘Lovely Licky Lamb’ in its 89 Welsh outlets - including the one at Chirk?

And if it does, can a little of the lamb flow over the Welsh border?

Oswestry Civic Society, reborn in the 1980s, wants the demands of new developments to be balanced with the need to conserve.

It has now come out, guns blazing, stressing the town’s growth should not be ‘haphazard’ but planned well ahead.

Shropshire Council currently looks ahead for less than 20 years, it says, so plans a meeting at Holy Trinity Parish Church at 7pm, on Thursday, January 25, to launch its ‘Oswestry 2050 campaign’.

How comforting that a group of volunteers give up their spare time - to care about our future.

Finally the pub and its accommodation in West Felton is offering the job of live-in landlord or landlady - but he or she must have been in the forces...and be actively seeking work.

You have to have been a member of the reserve forces, a veteran, have worked for the MOD, police, or be an immediate family member.

If you still qualify - call 02476-939931.