A pioneering mind, body and spirit festival in Oswestry on Sunday hopes to raise money to support young people with mental-health problems.

It’s an issue which organiser Zoe Jones believes is in desperate need of support and a new approach.

The Health and Well-Being Festival on Sunday takes place at Oswestry’s Memorial Hall with workshops running from 10am to 4.30pm.

Zoe said: “The festival brings together a host of highly-skilled alternative therapists, herbalists, teachers of yoga, meditation, healing, stress-reduction, natural birthing, sound healing, massage – and much more.

“I wanted to put together a high-quality group of teachers and therapists from the alternative healing world to give people the opportunity to find more natural and holistic ways to heal themselves – and what better purpose than to support young people with mental-health challenges.

“The festival is open to anyone who may be looking for guidance and advice on their health situation from a new perspective.

“There are also five free workshops on stress, herbal medicine, didgeridoo sound healing, positive choices in childbirth and meditation for those with seasonal affective syndrome.

“Booking is required for each workshop anyone would like to attend.”

For more information, visit the Facebook page oswestrymindbodyspirit or call Katie on 07591 399496 or contact Zoe at elementalMBS@outlook.com