A woman from Oswestry is appealing for information after she believes her four cats were deliberately killed after consuming anti-freeze.

Rebecca Willsmer, of Aston Close, contacted the Advertizer after her four pets died over two days when it was discovered they had drunk the liquid.

Despite the tragedy, Miss Willsmer says she was overwhelmed by the support from the community, who raised £300 to pay for vets’ bills.

Miss Willsmer and her two children first discovered her cat Pluto in the shed in pain.

Fearing the cat may have broken a bone, the family took their pet to the vet where, after blood tests, traces of anti-freeze were found in Pluto, resulting in the cat having to be put down.

“We thought at first it could have been an accident,” said Miss Willsmer.

“But my second cat Mouse had to be put down the morning after, and we found Dixie dead – and then our fourth cat Mimi also had to be put to sleep.”

After blood tests, it was discovered all four cats had consumed anti-freeze, which attacks the kidneys. The incidents have been reported to the police.

Miss Willsmer said: “I’m left with one adult cat and two young babies, as their mother has been killed. My children are very upset and have struggled to deal with the deaths.”

The cat owner now wants people to be aware of the dangers of anti-freeze to pets, and to ensure people are cautious of the dangers of the liquid.

A West Mercia Police spokesman said investigations were continuing and that the RSPCA had been informed.

Anyone with information is asked to contact West Mercia Police on 101, quoting 210s of December 11 2017.