Residents have expressed their anger after the town’s fibreboard manufacturers, Kronospan, caused problems in the town.

Frustrated residents say they have ‘had enough’ of the company’s lorries blocking roads and the on-going issues with dust emissions throughout the area.

Residents say the company has been creating traffic problems with its lorries parking on the road, causing havoc for motorists using the busy Holyhead Road through the town.

Councillor Terry Evans, who represents Chirk South on Wrexham County Borough Council, said that traffic through Chirk has been ‘horrendous’.

“There has been a whole host of issues that have come from Kronospan,” he said.

“The weighbridge was down but has now been replaced, so really that should have helped with the situation, but it has not.”

Lorries are currently parking over pavements, leading to motorists trying to overtake but not having a clear view of the road.

“There is going to be an accident,” continued Cllr Evans.

The councillor said the backed-up traffic is becoming a daily occurrence. “I’ve seen at least eight lorries in a queue and then people still try to get round them.

“Because of the lorries blocking roads and parking on pavements, it has meant that cars are queuing almost a mile back to the Lodgevale Park housing estate.”

A spokesperson from Kronospan said: “There have been occasional problems in Chirk with traffic build-up into the factory in recent times.

“We have replaced one of our weighbridges recently, employed a marshal to assist with the flow of traffic, and are reviewing our logistics operation to take out any bottlenecks to ensure a smooth flow of vehicles into, through and out of the factory, for the benefit of everyone.”

n Residents have also taken to Facebook to express concerns for the health of their children as parked cars are covered in dust from the factory on a daily basis.

Cllr Evans continued: “You can taste the dust in the air, and it’s got worse recently. I’ve received so many complaints about the issue.”

Legal action was recently taken regarding the issue of the dust by leading environmental law firm Huw James who were instructed by families in Chirk to battle the dust problems believed to be emanating from the factory.

The number of families who have complained rose from 70 to over 100, but there is no information regarding the future of the action.