This week our reporter Tom Berry takes over the Bygones mantle and he’s been digging through some very old copies of the Advertizer dating back from the 1920s and 1930s.

Here’s what he found.

A pint every will day keep the doctor away?

If you look back far enough in the Advertizer, or any other paper, you might see that adverts for alcohol are a little different from today’s.

While looking through some past Tizer papers from the 1930s I found a number of these advertisements from various companies, stating the wondrous benefits of their products.

Probably the most common face in the paper was mascot Border Bob, of Border Breweries.

Bob would show the reader all the benefits that drinking his beer included. Things such as aiding digestion, keeping you young, strong, and healthy.

Accompanying Bob in all of his adverts would be a rhyme to help spread his message. These include: “Border from bottle, or from the wood. Pleases your palate, and does you good,” “A pint of Border every day will keep those weakness blues away,” and “Taken every day, will keep the doctor well away.”

Guinness was another one of these ‘wonder ales’, having the slogan “Guinness is good for you.”

The Irish brew even received an endorsement from a doctor who said “I order Guinness exclusively in my practice. I find it most valuable as a nutritive tonic in all cases of debility and as a recuperative agent after exhausting work.”

Last but not least is Wrexham Lagers who said their lager didn’t have that “morning after the night before feeling”, which is something that some might disagree with.

Advertisements for alcoholic drinks are now held accountable to the Advertising Standards Agency.