Work needs to take place to make safe a danger junction in St Martins – although no-one is quite sure the best way to go about it.

Former Oswestry borough councillor Helen Williams spoke out after she had taken on responsibility for collating St Martins residents’ views for the Parish Plan, a document which shares a vision for the future of a community, identifying key issues and practical ways to address them.

She said the number one issue for residents was the mini-roundabout at the junction of Overton Road, Ellesmere Road, Green Lane and the B5069, the main road through the village.

“That roundabout is lethal and something needs to be done about it,” Mrs Williams told St Martins Parish Council.

“The trouble is that no-one respects it as a roundabout. Motorists approach it at 40mph and go straight across it without looking.”

Members heard that in the past there had been one main road through the village, but that had also proved dangerous as cars coming out of the secondary roads had caused crashes.

And making the mini-roundabout larger was also not possible, as a small area of green at the junction could not be utilised as a covenant restricted its use and had to remain as grass.

Mrs Williams told the meeting she had spent a lot of time whipping up interest in the Parish Plan, and despite assurances from many people they would attend a formal meeting about it, apathy had won the day.

“I spoke to a lot of parents, I spoke at events, and lots of people said they would come to the meeting,” she said.

“When it came to it, only six of us were bothered enough to attend, along with three young lads.

“During the process, I asked a lot of people what should be in the plan, and the mini-roundabout was the number one concern.

“Dog mess in the village was the next-biggest complaint.”

Mrs Williams handed the Parish Plan back to the parish council to take forward as she said she had tried her best.

The council thanked her for her efforts.