This Saturday a local film-making company are holding auditions for the independent Oswestry-based feature film, “Run For Your Life”, specifically for male actors between the ages of 16 and 30.

Gareth Thomas, from Rocking Horse Studios, is very keen to encourage young, aspiring male actors to step forward and have a go. At recent auditions for the film, some local people with no experience whatsoever have impressed enough to earn main roles.

“We’ve cast some great local talents in recent months, some who have never done anything like this before,” said Mr Thomas.

“However, there seems to be a stigma attached to young men in our community getting involved; but we know they’re out there. We need them.”

“Run For Your Life” is a feature length drama telling the story of a gifted, autistic teenager and her struggles with bullying. These male auditions are actually being held in national Anti Bullying Week, with the film having received the backing of the Anti Bullying Alliance.

Experience is not essential and auditions are taking place at The Oswestry Memorial Hall, on Saturday, November 18. Anyone interested should contact Rocking Horse Studios on 01691 655793, 07488340440 or e-mail