If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.

These words written by English philosopher Bernard Williams half a century ago remain as apt today as they did back then.

Hopefully readers have enjoyed the month which has provided more than enough sun to keep us going after a long and hard winter.

Unfortunately, sadly predictably, the easing of restrictions as planned have since ground to a halt and we will have to stomach social distancing for at least another month.

Nobody has access to a crystal ball to tell the future but it is safe to say that we will all be living with restrictions for some time yet.

In the event of prolonged restrictions we can all at least rely on the one great constant of nature.

We may not know what if it will be hot, cold or raining but we can always rely on nature to provide companionship.

Who can deny that birdsong has been all the louder over the past year?

Who has enjoyed the surprise of stumbling upon a landmark previously unheard of or the joys of capturing the sunset over a local hill.

Such simple pleasures are what makes life worth living in a world where so many other aspects of day-to-day living are denied us.

So let’s not be downbeat by the ongoing restrictions and let nature be our companion for a little while longer.