PHOTOGRAPHS capture not just the changing fashions of the time.

They also encapsulate the lives and times of those pictured.

This week we have two pictures from Oswestry’s glorious but long lost past as a rail destination.

The pictures show the pride of the workforce in their station and I am sure none would have dreamt Oswestry would have been removed from the national work within two decades of these pictures being taken.

Pictures also capture friendships and capture moments we wish we could hold onto forever - whether that be at work or a night out for a pizza.

School days are those which remain with us throughout the remainder of our lives.

Pictures from schools across the generations show little difference apart from fashion of the teachers and children.

Here we have children from the 1980s and 1970s enjoying the best years of their lives.

It is a different time to the picture of the Albert School class from the 1920s but one thing remains true of all – the friendships formed in those classrooms would have lasted a lifetime for many.

All would have also heard the town’s church bells sound over the years and we also include a rare picture of the bells being rehung in 1970.