Anderlecht manager, Ariel Jacobs, was full of praise for The New Saints after witnessing their fightback against his championship winning side.
Jacobs said he was impressed by The Saints’ European style of play, and after their performance in the first leg, the tie was far from over.
“I must congratulate them based on this game,” said Jacobs.
“I think they were surprised by our start, but they found the mental strength to come back without knowing that they were going to score, so I think that is quite a compliment for them.
“The Saints showed that they have character, they played with great heart, and they showed us that they can play in a very un-British way too.
“The tie is not yet over, because its football, and while the ball is still round it can go anywhere. We will have to draw lessons from parts of the game.
“The first part of any motivation should come from the player himself. This is a European competition where everyone wants to show themselves at their best.
“The Saints have players that have shown that they know how to handle a ball,” he added.