Hundreds of British families are leaving Christmas gifts at risk of being discovered by not taking advantage of a tip top hiding spot in the garden.

New research by online garden retailer has found that families will tend to hide Christmas gifts in more accessible locations around the house, or make a huge job out of storing them in workplaces or in other peoples’ houses, instead of utilising sheds and garden buildings that are just a stone’s throw away.

In a poll taken by customers, it was revealed that over 50 per cent of people will opt to squeeze surprise gifts into spots in the house that are easy to reach, such as in wardrobes or under beds.

Another 20 per cent would rather struggle up into the loft to keep gifts from prying eyes, and similarly nearly 11 per cent of festive families will ship presents back and forth between relatives’ houses in order to keep them away from snooping children, instead of simply utilising the perfect storage solution that is loitering just a stone’s throw away.

Surprisingly, only 1.5 per cent of the participants took advantage of the perfect hiding spot sitting at the bottom of the garden – the good old garden shed.

A spokesperson for commented: “Most homes with a garden will house a shed or outdoor building of some sort, which often go overlooked during the colder months – and in more ways than one.

“Whilst many families will simply pack up the shed and leave it pretty much abandoned until the warmer weather rolls around again, taking care of outdoor buildings all year round means that they could actually make a very apt hiding spot for Christmas gifts in the winter.

“The kids won’t think to trudge down the garden to go rummaging for those all-important Christmas gifts as they’ll probably just assume that the shed is full of tools and garden equipment, and as all sheds are lockable and most are anchored, this means they could conceal festive treats perfectly.

“Security is of upmost important if you’re planning on keeping anything in your shed that’s valuable at all, but as garden buildings usually house a plethora of pricey items from garden furniture and barbecues to bikes and tools, your shed security should be tip top all year round anyway.

“If not, make it your mission to up your shed security come spring, and your shed could be the perfect festive grotto hideaway for all of your storage needs next year!”