Weston RHYN pavilion has suffered a second act of vandalism in six months, leaving the chairman of the local trust ‘disappointed’ and a local councillor declaring it ‘sick behaviour’.

Angela Bright, chairman of the Weston Rhyn Trust, had been planning to spend money that had been donated on painting the pavilion.

But now that would have towards replacing a window broken by vandals for the second time this year.

“I am very disappointed to see this happening again,” said Mrs Bright.

“We do a lot at the recreation ground for children. I know there is not much for them to do in the village but that is why we have been making improvements in the area.

“But I’m not going to give up on this.”

The chairman of Weston Rhyn Parish Council, Ralph Cooper, said these incidents were a common occurrence.

“It’s the same every year – as soon as the school holidays come around, something happens.

“I just can’t see sense in it. They can’t break in so I have no idea what they get out of it.

“They aren’t satisfied with the improvements we’ve made so I don’t know what else we can do. I think it’s sick behaviour.”

Mrs Bright said the recent incident would be expensive to repair and has considered installing cameras around the pavilion to try to prevent more vandalism in the future.

“It takes only one or two vandals to spoil it for everyone,” she said.

“It may not be a lot of damage but it’s not just about that – it’s the expense and the effort that everyone puts into it that is wasted.

“My worry is it could get worse in the future and there would be no way of repairing it.”

Cllr Cooper and Mrs Bright have called for the parents of Weston Rhyn to come together and find a way to keep the children of the village entertained, particularly throughout the school summer holidays.