There was marching, muskets and flag flourishing as Chirk Castle was home to a 17th-century living history camp.

Sir Nicholas Devereux’s Regiment of the English Civil War Society visited the castle and set up living history camps, similar to those that would have been in place in 1649.

The event was in the charge of the National Trust’s firearms advisor Brian Godwin, who informed crowds about the collection of 17th-century muskets found in the castle’s Cromwell Hall.

The living history camp, which was set up in front of the castle, included officers and soldiers as well as a guards’ tent.

There was also a cooks’ station and working blacksmith forge, with some more civilians and a barber surgeon setting up their displays in the castle’s Adam Tower.

Justin Soper, from the English Civil War Society, said: “On both days the numerous visitors were entertained all day by soldiers carrying out drill displays of pike and muskets, drumming and flag flourishing.

“The musket firing demonstrations also attracted large crowds of interested visitors.

“Young people of all ages enjoyed their drill practice sessions under the sergeant’s orders!”