Plans to create a fish and chip shop in Knockin have been rejected by parish councillors.

Amo Singh hopes to make the Knockin Shop more viable by expanding the building and adding the new venture, which will also create a part-time job.

But members of the parish council gave a four-pronged objection in which they noted the impact it would have on the conservation area and a loss of privacy for the neighbouring property.

Clerk Penny O’Hagan, on behalf of the council, continued: “The noise from the extractor fans along with the smells and fumes from the proposed fish and chip shop will have a negative impact on neighbouring properties.

“In addition to this the parish council is concerned that the proposals will result in an increase of litter in the village.

“The location of the Knockin Shop is on a main road with no off-street parking. Residents living adjacent to the existing shop already experience problems with customers blocking accesses to properties.

“The parish council considers that if permission is granted for a fish and chip shop this problem will be exacerbated and continue later into the evening as the shop will have later opening hours than at present.”

The proposed business has also received a string of objections from residents in the village who also fear odour and noise problems.

Currently the shop, which includes the village Post Office, runs alongside a beauty salon.

As part of the proposal the salon would be converted into the fish and chip shop, which would be open seven-days-a-week.

A decision from Shropshire Council is expected by December 27.