'Unexplained UFO' seen flying towards Oswestry


Ben Goddard

AN “UNEXPLAINABLE banana shaped object” has been spotted in the sky by a model plane enthusiast.

Mervyn Davies, the founder of Oswestry and District Flying Club, saw the object last Wednesday evening while looking out of his bedroom window.

“I don’t know what the hell it was and maybe nobody ever will, you just don’t know the unknown,” said Mr Davies.

“I definitely wouldn’t have liked it to land over the road then I definitely would have been hiding under the bed.”

The object, described by Mr Davies as “bigger than any aeroplane”, was first spotted by him at 9.45pm heading towards earth before doing a “u-turn” and heading vertically back into the sky with two smaller object flying back off it in opposite directions towards Oswestry.

He said: “It started to come down flying, I saw the objects coming towards me, at first I thought it was a police helicopter and then it did a shape like a banana before flying vertically back into the sky doing a move similar to the end of a walking stick.

“I can only describe the object as looking into a bulb, it wasn’t flashing at all and there was no exhaust trail or rocket flames.

“I am not an engineer but I understand the motions so this object got me intrigued and it just kept climbing and climbing. Inside there were two lights, a green one on the left and a white one inside but they weren’t flashing, but were more dull.”

Mr Davies, who lives near Four Crosses, is the founder of Oswestry and District Flying Club, which he has run for the last 10 years, and he says that the incident is like nothing he has ever seen before.

He added: “This object must have been huge as I was watching it as it flew miles away, a large aircraft soon becomes a dot but I watched this for ages and it remained quite visible so it was much bigger than a jumbo jet.

“I have no idea what it could have been, maybe it was something we haven’t seen before, there was definitely activity in the sky that night.

“I know what an aeroplane can do when it is flying and the u-turn the object did is impossible due to the speed and the amount of g-forces in the manoeuvre to turn like that between two houses.

“I have been to several air shows and have never seen a manoeuvre like that.”

According to Mr Davies the object continued to rise until around 10.20pm when he went outside to take a closer look when the object disappeared.

“I am not imagining it, I just always seem to find myself in places when incidents happen,” said Mr Davies.

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