Ellesmere residents come together to discuss plan for 70 homes


Staff reporter (Border Counties)

OVER 70 residents from Ellesmere turned up to a meeting last Wednesday at the Comrades Club to discuss plans to build 70 homes off Teal Drive.

The meeting was set up after residents on Teal Drive had a brochure from David Wilson Homes dropped through their doors, which contained plans to build 70 houses on the land behind their homes.

The locals highlighted three key reasons as to why the development shouldn’t go ahead; the risk of flooding, the high levels of traffic and the fact that school and doctors surgeries in the area are almost at maximum capacity.

But resident Jim Taylor feels like the propoal is already a “done deal.” 

He said: “It seems like it’s definitely going to go ahead, even though we’ve had no say in this.

“We must do something about this,” he said, “As a community, as a group, our voice is strong.”

Mr Taylor stood up at the meeting to voice his concerns about the increased amount of traffic that the development would bring.

“From a personal perspective, I have three children and Teal Drive is at times, like a playground. It’ll turn it from a close into a highway.

“We came here to live in an area where the kids can play safely.”

Another homeowner on Teal Drive, Charles Wardle has lived on the estate since 2003 and said he bought there as it was quiet.

He said: “These damands are coming from central government, they are imposing on local councils to build more and more houses.

“When I bought the house, we knew that there may be a development at some point, but we never anticipated it on this scale.”

Residents from surrounding estates turned up to voice their concerns that 70 homes would impact on their properties. Flooding was a hot topic on the evening with many people recalling stories of their houses flooding and they felt things would only get worse with the addition of more houses.

Fellow angered resident, Elaine Gough reminded locals that all objection comments must be raised to the council by Friday, August 21.

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