Family shock as Furby toy swears


Staff reporter (Border Counties)

A FOUL-MOUTHED Furby that is claimed to have sworn has left the grandmother of its owner shocked.
Usually known for their cute and cuddly nature, Louise Wilkinson decided to buy her grandchildren a Furby but what she didn’t expect was one of them to start swearing.
About a week after the 42-year-old from Llanfyllin handed over the toys to two-year-old, Shannon, and four-year-old, Tia, she made the sinister discovery that one of them said something which sounded a lot like a swear word.
“They had been playing about with them when one of them came into the kitchen and said a swear word, explained Louise, who purchased the toys from Argos in Oswestry.
“I told her off for saying it but then she pressed the button on the Furby and it sounded like it was saying it too.”

On closer inspection of the interactive gadget it did indeed sound like the toy was using a phrase in ‘Furbish’, the toy’s ‘national language’, which sounded a lot like an English insult.
“I thought, ‘that’s not good’,” she added.
“That’s a child’s toy that should have gone through all sorts of checks.
“I just think it’s wrong for it to say something that could sound bad,” she added.
According to Louise, who has tried to report the problem to manufacturer Hasbro, there is no way someone could have taught it the phrase and the toy must have been pre-programmed that way.
“I’m not saying the company has actually programmed it to say that phrase but it does sound similar,” she added.
Although a Furbish to English dictionary is available to help children decipher what their furry friend is saying, it appears this particular phrase has been lost in translation.
The manufacturer, Hasbro, commented: “Like all toys in the Furby collection, the new Furby Furblings respond to touch and feature fun sounds and silly Furbish phrases.
“Unlike Furby Boom, the Furby Furblings do not learn to speak English, they are preprogrammed with Furbish only, a ‘native’ language that Hasbro created for use in all of its Furby toys.”

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