Tread Carefully This Christmas



Yes it’s that time again when we’re all running around trying to order turkeys, buy the mince pies and brandy butter and fill our baskets with all the last minute presents for our nearest and dearest. Even though we know Christmas occurs on the 25 th December each year, it always seems to take us by surprise at the last minute, doesn’t it?
So it’s no wonder so many people experience slips and trips at this time of year. When our minds are filled with so many to do lists it’s easy to take our eye off what’s right in front of us. When you add in the colder weather conditions that lead to ice and snow, you can see just how treacherous this time of year can be.
Staying safe and treading carefully
Of course trips and falls can occur at any time of the year. But they tend to be more common during the winter because of the weather, and also because many of us are focused on other things. We can certainly reduce the chances of taking a fall by paying more attention and watching where we are going.
A classic example would be going to your local High Street to do some Christmas shopping. Many shopping centres and areas are gritted to make them safer for shoppers at this time of year. However this isn’t always the case. Indeed if you slip or fall on ice in this kind of area you may have a case for slipping or tripping claims. If you’ve experienced this kind of incident get in touch with a no win no fee lawyer now to find out more about whether you have a case for a claim.
Prevention is the best cure
No one wants to be ill or injured in any way over Christmas. The best way to ensure you aren’t laid up with an injury this festive season is to do everything you can to prevent getting an injury in the first place. Make sure you wear sensible shoes with rubber soles. A good tread on them can make all the difference.
Give yourself more time to get everything done as well. Many accidents are caused because people are rushing to make sure they can do everything as quickly as they possibly can. All you have to do is add some ice into the mix and you can see how easy it is to slip over. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to break something by doing so as well, and we’re not talking about the decanter you’ve bought for your uncle either!
As you can see there are several things you can do to minimise the odds of any slips, trips or falls this festive season. We all want to have a good time and enjoy ourselves, but it’s always worth allowing a little more time to get everything done. Then you can simply sit back and enjoy the festivities in good health. Happy Christmas!

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