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How to take care of your favourite sports items and make the most of your hobbies
Thanks to the Olympics, Britons have felt less reserved about sharing and showing their sporting passions. Cycling in particular has enjoyed a huge boost in interest both as a spectator and participator sport.
Even before the Olympics this year, the BBC reported that cycling had given the UK economy a £3bn boost in 2011 – and with the success of stars such as Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton, as well as the rise of BMX riders like Shanaze Reade, different forms of the sport are popular up and down the country.
Whatever your sporting passion, you’ll know what kind of investment it takes if you really take your particular sport seriously. From the cost of ski equipment and snowboards, to smart bikes or at-home gym equipment, the price of a sports hobby can easily rise into the £1000s.
So when it comes to sorting out your home or contents insurance, making a big deal of your sporting possessions can be crucial – especially if you would be lost (and very out of pocket!) without them. This article hopes to give you some sense of your options when it comes to insuring and protecting your most prized sporting items.
Allianz Your Cover ( allows individuals to tailor-make their home insurance policy by adding extra covers which suits them. If you are a keen sports enthusiast, you can add sports equipment insurance to your current Allianz Your Cover home insurance policy at any time. 
Some sports equipment might suitably fit in as part of a ‘Personal Possessions’ policy or added onto your contents insurance policy. This will allow you to name and cover specific items in your range that mean you can be compensated should they be lost, damaged or stolen.
One tip, however, is to make sure that you cover all bases and understand exactly what each specific policy covers to avoid being over-insured and paying to insure one item twice. If you travel regularly with your sports items, then perhaps it is wiser to consider claiming them as part of your Personal Possessions insurance.
This means that you can be covered for any damage incurred during travel or usage on holiday and at competitions – are your skis vulnerable to getting dinked or scratched when in transit? What about covering your bike from theft if you are travelling overseas? These all fall outside the remit of a regular contents insurance plan, so make sure to check and get the best cover you can.

You’ll also get the comfort of knowing that your insurance company has a list of all your named and checked items on its database.

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