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Online games have become among the most visited entertainment centres on the web. There are now tens of thousands of games to choose from, depending on whether you prefer pretending to be a farmer, throwing birds at pigs or roughing it as a New York gangster.

Despite widespread popularity, slot games in particular are often misunderstood by people who haven’t spent much time playing them. There are a whole raft of suspicions and superstitions surrounding the ‘odds ratio’ of slot machines.

Here we demystify slot games and advice newcomers on how to get the most out of slot games:

  1. Play around before you commit: within popular sites such as Tasty Bingo, there are many different slot games to choose from, including some favourites like Bejewelled, Roland Rat, Irish Luck and Wheel of Fortune. Select the slot that you prefer – whether it's because of the graphics, the characters, the colours or the line combinations. It's your choice which slot room you play in.
  2. Payout percentages: Another factor to consider when choosing which slot to play is the game’s payout percentage. Most slot games should pay out at least 85% of the money they take in, although some pay out up to 95%. The higher the percentage, the better your chances of winning are and the more cash you are likely to win.
  3. Go All In with Progressive Jackpots: To be in with a chance to win Progressive Jackpots, you must play for the maximum bet on each game. The tasty bingo progressive jackpots include delicious sounding feasts such as the Chocolate Sundae or the Banana Spilt.
  4. Stick with the game after a payout: There’s a myth that machines stop paying out after a win. It's simply not true. The game’s software doesn’t remember paying out so your chances of winning  in the next spin are exactly the same as they were in the game before. You don’t need to move to another game, unless you fancy a change of scenery.
  5. Use the bonuses: Make sure you are collecting all the bonuses you deserve - they give you the chance to play more games for free. Some sites offer players bonuses for signing up friends to play with them, as well as bigger prizes if you win in a game where one or more of your friends is also present.

Enjoy! Slot games are a fun and exciting way to relax and be entertained. Don’t take them too seriously, they are just for your enjoyment.

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