Funeral director: New Lidl junction is dangerous

Published date: 18 April 2017 |
Published by: Emily Davies 
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A funeral director has said the new junction in Oswestry outside a major supermarket in Salop Road is “dangerous”.

Nick Richards, of David Davies and Son, said the new layout created as part of the Lidl development has created difficulties in accessing Oswestry Cemetery.

He said: “I can’t believe a facility that has been available to the town for over 100 years was not even considered in this scheme.

“There’s no provision in the new configuration for safe and easy access into the cemetery.

“When we come to the cemetery, you are crossing either a stationary line of traffic on a red light, or you are hoping for a gap to become available – it’s dangerous.

“I’m greatly concerned there is going to be an accident.”

Mr Richards said earlier this month he was in a 10-vehicle cortege crossing over into the cemetery when an ambulance on an emergency call-out came over the Gasworks Bridge from Shrewsbury Road.

“He was only doing his job – but it could have been very serious,” he said.

The failure was noted by Oswestry Town Council, which is responsible for the cemetery, when it opened earlier this year and it is already in touch with Shropshire Council’s highways team asking for changes to be made.

Mr Richards said he has also been in discussions with the council which, he said, has been very supportive, and also Shropshire Council, which has noted the concerns.

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