Tesco Ellesmere is once again providing Lakelands Academy Year 11, exam students with fruit to give them an extra nutritional boost and support them at this crucial stage of their GCSE exams.

For the last two years, Tesco have provided Lakelands Year 11 students with a range of fruit before they go into their English and Maths, GCSE exams.

Tesco’s ‘Healthy Breakfast’ initiative ensures that students who arrive for early morning English and Maths revision sessions can be fuelled with a drink and a piece of fruit, kick starting brain function and providing them with the extra fuel needed to support them through their GCSEs.

Head of the Maths Faculty, Vicky Heath is hugely appreciative of this provision. She said: “The Maths Faculty would like to thank Tesco’s Ellesmere for their continued support. We feel this is particularly important for those students who are feeling under pressure, to have an opportunity to get some last minute support from teachers and go in fuelled to perform at their very best!”

Deputy head teacher Gerard Pyburn added: “It’s been a great success. The students really appreciate it, as the fruit gives them a much needed boost before they tackle the exams.”