A local village is in "desperate need" for someone to take over their post office.

The post-mistress who works at the post office in Criftins, based in the Parish Hall is looking to retire but is hanging on for someone to take over.

Kay Edgerton, trustee at the Parish Hall in Criftins said: "We are desperately trying to hold on to our post office. If we were to loose it it would be drastic for the village.

"Our closest post office is in Ellesmere and St Martins but having one in Criftins is ideal. If you have a large parcel you can pull up right up to the door and it is ideal for elderly and disabled. There's no parking up and walking into town.

"Over the last couple of weeks we have held community talk days and the response from the town was that people need the post office to stay open. A £4.40 round trip on the bus to just top up their cards is not ideal. So much can be done a post offices nowadays.

"It is also very secure, it is not open plan so people should feel more comfortable when lone-working.

"Someone needs to step up and and be a post-mistress or post-master, it can be a part-time post even if it just opened every morning. It wouldn't be a problem if someone had another job, they could possibly run it from the post office.

"If we don't find anyone soon it will close imminently."

If you are interested please call Kay on 01691 690250.