Plans to demolish a boxing club in Oswestry and replace it with new homes have been refused.

Shropshire Council’s planning officer Mark Perry said the proposal by Rich Cosgrove to revamp the Oak Street Garage would be “over-development”.

He continued: “The provision of four flats and one dwelling is considered to result in the over-development of the site which would result in unacceptable, cramped living standards for the future occupants and residential units and there would be a lack of external amenity space.

“The proposed development because of its scale, proportions and massing is not considered to take account of the local context and character of surrounding development, it is considered to be the over-development of the site which would have a detrimental impact upon the character and appearance of the area.”

The site is currently occupied by Mr Cosgrove’s Elite Martial Arts business which he plans to move to the Maesbury Road Industrial Estate.

As part of the plans, following its demolition the land would have been used to build four one-bedroom flats and one two-bedroom home with the appearance of three terraced dwellings.

The town council has welcomed the development because of the short supply in affordable housing for young people, but said there are already parking issues in the area.