A 16-year-old was left in agony after she said she was given the wrong medicine from a pharmacy in Oswestry.

Melissa Thomas was suffering from a kidney and water infection and was prescribed tablets to help her.

But in error she was given chest-infection tablets.

She said the pharmacy at Caxton supplied Clarythromycin not Cipro, which left her kidney infection to get progressively worse.

Melissa took the tablets for four days and her health deteriorated.

She returned to see her doctor on the fourth day and was urged to go to hospital.

She was put on a drip, her heart rate and blood pressure were high and she said she was ‘doubled up in pain’.

Melissa’s mother Rachel Thomas said: “We assumed the medicine in the packet was correct. I didn’t think about checking it – they are the professionals and you’d think they know what they are doing.

“Even Melissa is worried about the medicine she is taking now and will ask if it’s the right one.

“I just worry now. I want people to be more aware about what they are actually taking.”

According to NHS pharmacy services, two people should check each prescription before it is handed over.

It should be checked by a pharmacist and a dispensary assistant before it is given out to patients and they should follow six steps.

Peter Glover, pharmacy superintendent from Day Lewis, said: “We are greatly concerned to hear about this issue and it is currently under investigation.

“We are fully committed to ensuring our dispensing processes are of the highest standard to protect our patients.

“We also take patient confidentiality very seriously and therefore cannot comment further.”