A building levy could be used to make much-needed improvements to Oswestry’s roads, a Shropshire councillor has said.

Cllr Clare Aspinall said £77,000 was available for Oswestry East through Shropshire Council’s share of the community infrastructure levy (CIL) which is awarded by developers.

Other funding pots would be available for Oswestry West and Oswestry South.

Her comments came as Oswestry Town Council put together its wishlist of road improvements.

Cllr Paul Milner agreed, commenting: “I would like to see it spent on what it is supposed to be spent on. There is no point in banking the money and not using it.”

Councillors put forward four new road-safety concern submissions alongside eight from last year which will be considered by Shropshire Council’s highways department.

One from Cllr Aspinall would see the creation of a one-way system in Lime Grove, which would cost £3,000, and speed humps on the one-way section of Middleton Road, costing £25,000, to reduce the speed of traffic.

Another issue raised was speeding in Willow Street, with members suggesting increased CCTV monitoring or speeding strips which would cost £550 and would create data on how many vehicles go too fast and what speeds they reach.

Three previous submissions – double yellow lines in Morda Road, Welsh Walls and Jennings Road – were taken off the list, with Cllr Duncan Kerr asking when the work  would actually take place.

He said: “We have no date. I say we ask Shropshire Council for a formal date of when these changes will be made.”