A member of staff at Orthopaedic Hospital has swapped her desk chair to brave the hot seat of the famous black Mastermind chair.

Judith Sansom, governance lead for Medicine and Rehab and Diagnostics at the Gobowen hospital, will appear on an episode of this series of cult game show and will be answering questions on her specialist subject – Rupert Everett films.

A long-standing fan of the English actor, Judith said choosing his films was a no brainer.

She said: “I’ve always been a big fan of Rupert Everett, not just of his films but also his books, I was almost going to choose Rupert Everett’s life as my specialist subject but I think that would’ve been a bit too challenging.

“Getting through all of his films took me long enough because I’d forgotten just how many he’d starred in!

“My homework ahead of the show was to order every film he’s starred in on eBay and watch them all in date order.”

The 58-year-old said she enjoyed the whole experience, from being backstage to answering questions in the chair.

Despite the announcement of Judith’s appearance on the show, she remains tight-lipped as to how she got on.

She added: “I’m not able to reveal how I got on until my episode airs!”

A date for Judith’s episode is yet to be announced.