A ‘pavement cafe’ at an Oswestry pub has been rejected because it could lead to anti-social behaviour.

Pub chain Wetherspoons had hoped to install four tables and eight chairs on the pavement to the front of its Wilfred Owen pub on Willow Street.

It would have been roped off and been available for use between 8am and 11pm.

However, planning officer Janet Davies said it was not the right location.

She said: “The proposed introduction of a pavement seating area close to the highway and an entrance to the park raises health and safety concerns and could potentially lead to anti-social behaviour.”

The proposal received objections from Oswestry Town Council, with the latter saying it would “restrict disabled access” to the establishment and could cause health and safety concerns, while West Mercia Police said it had “a number of concerns” including the fear that it could become “a hotspot” for anti-social behaviour and noise.