A history enthusiast will be welcoming some celebrity names later this year after launching a metal-detecting holiday business.

Chris Langston – who writes the Oswestry Unearthed column in the Advertizer – will welcome Relic Recoverist blogger Jocelyn Elizabeth and Tim ‘the Ringmaster’ Saylor from the National Geographic channel, plus his partner Carlotta, to spend a few days discovering the hidden past of Oswestry and its surrounding areas.

Joycelyn and Tim are well known in the US for their work digging up history.

It’s a coup for Chris who has launched Metal Detecting Holidays (MDH) in partnership with Louise Idoux and John Flaherty.

“We are all really excited,” said Chris, who will lead the metal-detecting tours.

“We are really looking forward to them coming over and showing them what Oswestry has to offer.”

The holiday business will be based in Whittington, but has permission to visit more than 1,000 acres of historically-rich farmland, ensuring there is plenty for guests to discover.

The area’s past has seen Bronze Age settlements, Roman camps and battles between Welsh princes and English monarchs.

Chris works closely with the British Museums Finds liaisons officer Peter Reavill and all finds made on the holidays will be recorded and licensed for export if and where necessary.

He added: “It will be great to show guests around our region as it is so jam-packed with history from thousands of years.

“We’re confident our venture will bring benefits to the local community and economy, and ultimately put Oswestry and what it has got to offer on the map.”