An historic railway station will bring a tourism boost to the region after being bought by the community.

The buildings at Gobowen Railway Station are set for a major restoration, while plans are being put in place to create intermediate stations at the Orthopaedic Hospital and tourism venues along the route in a bid to bring more tourism and employment to the former railway line to Oswestry.

The Gobowen Area Improvement Group (GAIP) confirmed last week that it has bought the properties on both sides of the line through a Community Right to Buy application led by the parish council.

Sheila Dee, community rail officer for the Chester Shrewsbury Rail Partnership, which was part of GAIP, said: “The opportunity these buildings give this area are immense; already we have a staffed station through Severn Dee Travel and a station café managed by the Derwen College.

“Restoration of the once beautiful buildings will make the station the gateway to the area once more.”

The bid process received grant and loan from the Three Parishes Big Local of £110,000, while the Oswestry Station Building Trust Ltd, which is a partner in GAIP, help to facilitate the purchase, and will own and manage the project.

Roger Date, from OSBT, said he was delighted to have played a part in the partnerships success and looked forward to assisting with the delivery of the community rail project along with the numerous other community opportunities for revitalisation of the area.

Glenn Pennington, on behalf of the Three Parishes Big Local, added: “Three Parishes Big Local is always looking for ways to make the area a better place to live and we were impressed with the innovative opportunities that the station buildings project offers for revitalising the local area.”