Councillors have called for more police presence in Chirk.

Members of Chirk Town Council outlined their frustrations of several issues regarding vehicles parking in prohibited areas of the town and requested more police to be in the area.

Complaints have been on-going about cars parking on the zig-zag lines outside of the Spar shop in Church Street and Co-op store in Holyhead Road, particularly between 7.30am to 8.30am and later on at around 5pm.

Cars parking on zig-zag areas of roads is a criminal offence and councillors described it as an ‘accident waiting to happen’ as other cars try to overtake but have poor visibility.

The town council said that CCTV will pick up any evidence of cars parking on the zig-zag lines.

In other areas of Chirk residents have complained that lorry wagons have been disrupting Rhos y Waun and Lodgevale Park by parking dangerously and across residents’ gates.

Members of the town council said that residents had reported seeing police drive past both instances of dangerous parking, but had not responded.