Roadworks at Gledrid are causing chaos, according to councillors.

Work on the roundabout has been ongoing since the end of January.

Entrances to the roundabout have been limited to only one lane and 50mph zones have been implemented on the approach.

The chairman of St Martins Parish Council, Sue Schofield, said she did not understand why the restrictions were in place during the day, as roadworks took place only between 9pm and 6am.

“It’s always such a pain trying to get on to the roundabout now – the queues are horrendous. You have to add 10 minutes to your journey because it’s guaranteed there will be queues and the traffic will be backed up.

“The road through the village has always been busy, but you don’t notice just how busy until an obstacle is in the way, like the roadworks.”

Cllr Schofield said she was pleased to be a part of the meeting with transport minister John Hayes as he discussed dualling the A5.

“He listened to the local people and really appreciated the issues we have. But personally I don’t see the dualling the road will happen.

“There are big financial issues, and I think the issues of bridges along the A5 will stop the upgrade.”

Councillors from other areas around the Gledrid roundabout are also speaking out, with Councillor Terry Evans from Chirk saying he can’t see the work making any difference.

“The traffic is constantly backed up, and there are a lot of a queues on the A5 and around the Halton roundabout,” he said.

“I can’t see the work making any difference. Dualling the road won’t happen – there are too many obstacles and legal matters over land.”

The roadworks are scheduled to take place until June 2.