Residents in Chirk are asking for clarification on the recent dog ban locations around the town.

Wrexham Council’s Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) came into force on March 1 and excludes dogs from sports pitches, bowling greens, tennis courts, skate parks and children’s play areas.

However, there has been confusion since the order came into place, as residents are unsure what areas are suitable to walk their dogs on, as well as the fact some signs around the town that give information about the ban, are written in the Welsh language only.

Councillor Terry Evans said: “Dogs can be let off the lead on Cadbury Field, and on The Mount at Chirk Green.

“In regards to sports pitches, if they are marked you cannot take them on the field. But if there is no marking it is fine.”

Cllr Evans also said he would contact Wrexham council to ensure that signs in English are also put up around the town.

The PSPO includes:

n Exclusion of dogs from bowling greens, playing surfaces, playing areas of marked sports pitches, skate parks, tennis courts, multi-use games areas and fenced children’s play areas (owners with assistance dogs are excluded.)

n Placing dogs on leads when instructed by an authorised officer.

n Placing dogs on leads around visitor centres and park car parks.

n Placing dogs on leads on public roads and pavements.

n Owners picking up after their dogs in all public places.