Angry market traders in Oswestry have hit back after receiving negative comments from town councillors.

Rosie Radford, speaking on behalf of business owners in the Powis Market Hall, said that although they appreciate the support of the authority, they face negativity from members which are then reported in the press.

And she called on councillors to offer their support and commitment in a public forum.

She said: “Oswestry town market can sometimes get some negative press, but we as traders are extremely proud of what we achieve week by week as a community of small businesses.”

“Within the market there are a huge number of shops, businesses and services that we are invested into long term, and which are disappearing from the high street.”

Noting the hard work and commitment of the traders, Ms Radford continued: “The market remains central to our identity as a town, and between us we all want to see that grow and strengthen – we are passionate about our town market, and we serve a loyal customer base who see it as part of their regular shopping experience.

“Many say times are changing, but can see there is a growing number of people who don’t want their shopping experience to be nothing more than out-of-town impersonal supermarkets or online trading. They want the personal touch and they’re looking for a return to community.”

But she added: “We still face negative comments made in public by councillors of this parish that are then reported in the press and have a direct negative impact on our businesses.”

Clerk to the council David Preston said: “I’m sure that support has always been there as we have an ongoing commitment to the traders.

“The council’s commitment has never been questioned.

“An extra day is being created to try to promote the market and the council values our relationship, and that is as strong as ever.”

He added: “It’s not just about business – it’s about start-ups and tourism.”