A young man overtook vehicles in front of him and crashed head-on into an oncoming car.

A court heard how Jake Lee Jones, 22, was the most seriously injured following the crash on the A5 near Chirk last August.

Jones, of Yew Tree Cottages. Rhoswiel, Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry, admitted driving his Audi A3 carelessly and was banned from driving for 22 weeks.

He was also fined £200 with £300 costs and a £30 surcharge.

Flintshire Magistrates Court was told yesterday how Jones had denied the charge and a trial was due to be held but he had changed his plea.

The Mold court heard Jones was seriously injured and the road had been closed for some hours following the collision.

Andrew Slight, prosecuting, said on August 7 a woman driving a Nissan Micra was confronted by the oncoming Audi A3 on her side of the road.

She tried to take evasive action, but the car crashed into her head-on, span out of control, and then struck another vehicle travelling behind her.

The injuries to the Nissan driver consisted of tissue damage to the shoulder, back and neck, which required physiotherapy.

She had been unable to work for a period of time and her university work was held back.

Her driving confidence had been affected and she suffered flashbacks.

Jones was hospitalised and when later interviewed on his release denied being responsible for the impact.

He said he had been overtaking a Mercedes which speeded up and did not allow him back in.

Ceri Evans, defending, said Jones had been driving for four years and had suffered life-changing injuries in the collision. 

It had a profound impact upon him.

He was at the time working as an engineer at a local factory and was returning home from work when the collision occurred.

Jones decided to overtake and it had serious consequences. 

He came up behind two vehicles and pulled out to overtake.

The Mercedes ahead might have been planning to overtake the vehicle in front and Jones went wider to overtake them both.

But he was unable to compete and manoeuvre and collided head on with the Micra.

He had spent some time in hospital and for four months after his discharge he had been unable to do anything for himself.

Jones had been unable to work and he and his girlfriend and their daughter had moved in with his parents.

Miss Evans said Jones had not driven since that day – he had imposed a driving ban on himself – but he hoped his health would improve so that he could return to work.

That day the road was dry, visibility was good, traffic was light and he made a moment’s misjudgement and overtook.

It had a profound effect on him and he appreciated could have had an even more serious effect on others. 

He had overtaken when it was not safe to do so.

District judge Gwyn Jones said he was sure Jones knew the road extremely well.

It was a road where everyone had to be extremely careful because a number of people did speed on that road, but it was possible to see well in advance, the judge said.

Jones was progressing from the Oswestry area towards Wrexham and the judge said that speed, a powerful car and a momentary loss of judgement led to the collision.