A man from Oswestry has posted a video online in a mission to draw attention to issues around Oswestry that are ‘resolvable’.

Martin Portlock posted a video of himself walking around the town and its market in a bid to raise awareness of the areas of Oswestry that are in need of improvement. The video received more than 13,000 views.

The video highlights the number of empty shops in Cross Street. Martin says how the markets used to be busy and that ‘supermarkets are suffocating Oswestry’.

Martin who owns The Courtyard Tea Rooms in Oswestry, wanted to stress problems around town are easily resolvable.

“In the video I said Oswestry market is dying, but it’s not true. It is still surviving – it still comes to town, but it’s not the same as it once was.

“The town has so much history and so many good points but we dwell only on the negatives.”

The business owner has praised the hard-working town council and said no-one was to blame for the way the town is, but has encouraged people to voice their opinions to the Chamber of Commerce.

Martin is now on a mission to highlight the good points of Oswestry.

“I plan on speaking to businesses and people who have lived in Oswestry for a long time so they can tell me what Oswestry used to be like,” he said.

“I want to show the good parts of the town and put it in a positive video, and maybe it will encourage people to help change the areas we are not so happy with.”