A new dog ban came into force in Chirk to prevent mess on their streets.

Wrexham council’s Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) replaces the current dog control orders in the county.

It excludes dogs from sports pitches, bowling greens, tennis courts, skate parks and children’s play areas.

The RSPCA described the new measure as ‘restrictive’ but the council said responsible dog owners ‘will have nothing to fear’.

The PSPO follows a public consultation.

The council said the public “showed a strong support for control of dogs in designated areas.”

The charity said banning dogs from sports pitches was restrictive, especially if there were no other spaces nearby.

The PSPO includes:

Excluding dogs from marked areas such a sports pitches and fenced children’s play areas.

Placing dogs on leads when instructed by an authorised officer.

Placing dogs on leads on public roads and pavements.

Owners picking up after their dogs in all public places.

Councillor Terry Evans, for Chirk south, welcomed the new ban.

“There are many places in Chirk where dog fouling is a problem and people don’t pick up after themselves.

“It’s disgusting, especially for people who have wheelchairs or little children who have to be near it. Putting up signs will hopefully put a stop to this.

“It all comes down to people needing to respect the area more and people pick up their dog’s mess.”