A Shropshire farmer has filed an official objection to plans for another travellers’ site in Park Hall.

John Wigley, who owns Drenewydd Farm at Park Hall, strongly objects to Shropshire Council’s plans of another travellers’ site to be located in the village.

Mr Wigley voiced a number of concerns over the development of the site, which would be the third of its kind in the area.

“The original travellers’ site took a while to settle in.

“When the second one came along about four years ago, we had terrible trouble with the people using it and they caused a lot of hassle,” said Mr Wigley.

“People would come on to our fields and farms with air rifles and shoot rabbits. They left a lot of litter around the place, and they had dogs which frequently chased our cattle and sheep, causing injuries to the livestock.”

The development would also mean another road is created, said Mr Wigley, which would cause heavier traffic on the main road which links Whittington to the Orthopaedic Hospital – something the farmer believes is a cause for concern.

Mr Wigley has filed an official objection to Shopshire Council, along with 140 other people. There are now three petitions against the development and a Facebook page campaign called Park Hall Against Development.

“This is the third traveller site being planned and when you compare that in terms of a small village like Park Hall, it is grossly disproportionate,” said Mr Wigley.

A decision on the plans is expected at a meeting on February 28, which Mr Wigley said he would attend and voice his opinions.