The captain of Ellesmere Cricket Club has admitted that if results of a feasibility study into improving drainage at Birch Road Arena proves work to be too costly, they could end up needing a new home

James Harrison, captain and groundsman at the Shropshire County League club, made the concession after the club approached landlord Ellesmere Town Council about a study into improving the ground after a raft of early fixtures in 2016 were called off because of flooding.

With the possibility of playing at either Ellesmere College or Lakelands Academy, James insists Ellesmere’s preferred option is to build a club of their own as part of a community hub with other groups, if they have to move.

“When they dug up the Mere Road for road repairs, all the peat and the silt is what was helping drain our ground,” said James. “Work on the ground could cost up to £100,000, but we need to know what we’re doing.

“If it’s not possible, then we’re looking at other options – for example, has anyone got some land we can use to build a new ground?

“The colleges are an option but we want to be a community club, and we want to build something that we can offer to the community.

“It’s trying to find something that helps that. We have to look into what we need and what is feasible before we consider those other options.”

James added that while the Shropshire League isn’t putting any pressure on the club, there have been questions asked about the suitability of the ground.