The gentle strains of live music from an orchestral duo are helping to sooth dialysis sessions for a Gobowen man.

Simon Richards, who has undergone two kidney transplants, faces three lots of live-saving treatment at Wrexham Maelor Hospital’s Gladstone Renal Centre every week.

But the 34-year-old has found a unique way to deal with the two-hour dialysis sessions.

Musicians from NEW Sinfonia have been visiting and performing a selection of his favourite songs during the treatment.

Simon said: “I’ve been having kidney problems since I was really young and been on regular dialysis for the past 13 years.

“I’ve also had two kidney transplants – the first in 2009 and the second earlier this year – and unfortunately neither of them worked, so I have to continue with the dialysis.

“But I try not to let my health problems interfere too much with my life. I had to stop my training as an electrician some years ago but I’m now planning to start my own computer business which I need to do because I have two little girls, one at pre-school and the other who has just started at primary school.”

Two of the musicians from NEW Sinfonia go into the hospital one day a week to entertain the patients and play anything from the Beatles to traditional Welsh tunes.

He added: “I have to come for dialysis three times a week and I think the music sessions are a really good idea. It relaxes me and it also helps to pass the time.

“I like all kinds of music so anything they play is fine with me.”