A MEDIEVAL battle was fought and won at Chirk Castle at the weekend as two groups of history enthusiasts staged an impressive re-enactment.

The 851st anniversary of the Battle of Crogen between English and Welsh forces saw actors in full period costume assume the roles of combatants from the warring nations.

The battle formed part of King Henry II’s doomed Berwyn Campaign against the combined Welsh forces of King Owain Gwynedd, Owain Cyfeiliog, The Lord Rhys and several other Welsh princes.

Jointly-organised by the Cwmwd Ial historical group and the Shropshire-based Les Miles des Marche group, the medieval weekend proved a popular attraction.

Visitors to the castle on both Saturday and Sunday enjoyed the spectacle of a fierce battle unfolding before their eyes.

Many enjoyed walking through ‘living history’ encampments to learn about differences in the weaponry and armour of the soldiers involved and gained an insight into life in the early medieval period.