Boomtown cannot stop booming!

The fully immersive festival, which caters to many with it’s diverse range of music and theatrical sets, is one of the fastest growing in the UK, and will be welcoming even more citizens for Chapter 8 in just a few weeks’ time after securing the licence for an increased capacity to 60,000.

Even with the increase, tickets have been flying out and are now running very low. Anyone yet to buy is advised to get on it soon to avoid disappointment.

Just when the brimming line up was thought to be full, more than 80 Street Venues have been added! Totally unique weekend long parties guaranteed to lure even the most seasoned citizen into an adventure of unadulterated excitement and intrigue!

Gracing the streets will be some spanking new treats, The Sky Bar, Behind Bars and Patisserie Calorie, as well as staple favourites; the Job Centre, Postal Posse, The Bank, ASBO Disco! See here for the street venue line up posters.

In anticipation of more people on the ground, sustainability steps are being taken to minimise the festival’s impact on the surrounding environment.

With audience travel making up around 70% of a festival's carbon footprint, BoomTown are encouraging sustainable, green travel and reducing congestion via a number of public transport methods including; Coach & Festival Ticket packages; Shuttle Buses from the train station and Car Share schemes.

To help those who plan to attend via public transport, the event organisers are offering a couple of  pre-pitched tent hire options to help minimise the load and encourage attendees to only bring what they need and intend to take home.

Sticking to the promotion of environmental awareness and sustainability, Boomtown’s main charity partner for 2016 is Energy Revolution. Every penny donated is directly invested into clean, green energy projects to helping balance travel emissions and create a sustainable future for everyone.

Longtime pioneers of the EcoBond project, Boomtown encourage all attendees to bag up their waste and hand it back in to us, dramatically reducing the impact the fair has on the estate. A tidy BoomTown is a happy BoomTown! 

Boomtown’s charitable and sustainable ethos doesn’t end there, a vast amount of guilt free shopping is available at a spectrum of charity based shops.

Finally, with just over a month to go, the festival are urging attendees to pick their camping districts.

To aid in the decision making process, Boomtown have put together a series of podcasts encapsulating the musical treasures that provide the districts’ soundtrack. The options are wide; so far we have Trenchtown (Damian Marley, Inner Circle, Kabaka Pyramid) Barrio Loco (Derrick Carter, Derrick May, Will Clarke) ChinaTown (The Ska Vengers, Big D and The Kids Table, The Rifffs) Sector 6 (So Solid Crew, Dub Phizix, Newham Generals)and Whistler’s Green (Prince Fatty, Cate Ferris, Will Varley) Find your match on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.